Saturday, April 03, 2004

What a great day!

This has been a totally great day thus far! Given all the crap that has happened thus far this year (both good and bad but face it mostly bad) it was a nice change of pace. I got up at the buttcrack of dawn again... :( BUT I went shopping! YIPPEE!! Shopping! I am so pleased. Because of the big store sale and the coupon I have that they allowed me to combine I spent only 5 dollars getting a ton and a half of clothes. (oh yeah... gift certificates too. :) ) 3 new button down shirts, 1 new pair of regular pants, 1 new pair of crops, 2 new bras and 2 new tshirts. It is a very good day for me. I also bought a new book - Dancing Barefoot. It was good. I read it already. I went to the library and got some lunch. Got home just after 1 and watched a little tv. Took a little nap. A totally all about me day! I like those days. Maybe being busy and volunteering helps me appreciate more the 'me' days. :) I'm heading out to hang with v. should be a nice afternoon. Have a great day whatever you do today! :)

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