Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Ugh. Some nights the brownies just make me tired. I could fall into bed right now! I can see my bad classroom management skills rearing its ugly head in my brownie troop. I struggle with wanting them to have fun vs actually getting stuff done so it can be fun. Tonight's meeting we spent over 30 minutes just talking about potential camping menu and our encampment. Yet we really got nothing accomplished. It can be exhausting. We did have a great time with the tongue twisters though. I printed out a page of fun tongue twisters for their Let's Pretend badge. We split up and practiced them then got back together and each girl got to do one. Apparently some evenings I provide entertainment for the parents too since I noticed them chuckling as the girls were trying. That's okay by me though. The kids were pretty funny. :)

I appreciate that Queer Eye shows reruns of their shows early on Tuesday evenings, but must it always be the same 3 - 4 episodes? I've missed several, but they keep showing that broadway one.

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