Monday, May 03, 2004

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

(ok so teeny tiny slightly embarrassing confession here... when I was younger I used to watch Remote Control all the time and I had a teeny tiny slightly embarrassing crush on Colin Quinn. I realize he is like Michelle's Father's Age but there was just something about him... which completely confirms my weird taste in men) Anyway back to the tales of woe and woah and wow for the weekend! (maybe not so much wow)

Friday night: Was FUN! I went out and drank and danced and got to see all the boys I don't usually get to see. I really liked that! Stumbling home at 1:30 in the morning I realized I was EXHAUSTED! I could barely keep my eyes open for the walk and seriously considered just sleeping on a stoop somewhere. Getting up at 5:30 AM to go to the gym and not stumbling home until 1:30 AM makes for a LONG day.

Saturday: Well, we went to the Vet. Baxter does have adrenal disease. I will have to take her to the vet every month to get her a shot. Could've been worse, yet as always could've been better. :( Napped on Sat afternoon. What a lazy slug I can be! :) Shopped for groceries, etc. It was mostly a good day. Saw two movies. The Magdalene Sisters and Casa de los Babys. The Magdalene Sisters I highly recommend. Casa de los Babys? It was good and the actresses do a good job with it, but of the two the Magdalene Sisters was better.

Sunday: Did Laundry... Watched TV... Shopped for Mother's Day... that sums it up...

Updates: Unfortunately I did not get a volunteer in the mail on Saturday. I was really looking forward to it, especially if it was, you know a guy, and maybe a little hot but civic minded too... Instead I got a volunteer LETTER... Oh well, what can ya do?

Kudos to my baby sis for her attempt at encouraging my mother to give me the Alienware computer she won. Unfortunately no dice... they are keeping it since their computer is so old... to add insult to injury, she wants my opinion on which she should take should she have a choice (she won't). She claims that if she gave it to me Chris (my nephew) would be mad and if she gave it to Chris, I would be mad. Good assessment on my side of the house, I would be furious. Having said that, hello... just don't tell Chris. She didn't buy that. Nor did she buy my getting her a Dell to replace her old one and then give me the new one... I still have her dough, you know. :)

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