Friday, June 18, 2004

Harry Potter & If I had a billion dollars

I went and saw HP today. I liked it. Apparently 4:15 in the afternoon is an ideal time to go to the movies as it was not crowded at all. There were a couple of scenes from the book that I would've liked to see on the big screen. One in particular when the Slytherin boys are playing a joke on HP and dressed up like a dementor while HP was playing quidditch. He wipes them out with a Patronus I think that would've been a funny scene. It is hard to watch the movies when I've read all the books because I think I'm getting some of them confused. I just remembered this morning another section I would've liked to see. At one point it gets explained to Harry that the reason Sirius and Peter Pettigrew learned to become animagus was so that they could support Lupin. They discuss how the boys all learned to transform in secret including HP's dad who transforms into a stag. Then they round it out with that his dad did help him with his patronus that appeared in the shape of a stag. That was a nice scene in the book.

I was thinking as I walked home more ideas about what I would do if I had a billion dollars. I think I would want to start a foundation. I could hire Matty P to work at it. Prolly V too to do computer stuff. Then I would infuse a ton of money into the city so that I would get invited to important things, but I would never go. I would become reclusive. I think that would be fun too. Hide out in my small house on the lake. Just go to work. Until I go completely mad then I'll leave all my money to my 40 cats or something like that. That's a good plan.

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Peeved Michelle said...

There is a slight problem with your billionaire plan. I am supposed to shoot you when you get your fourth cat.