Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Amazing Montessori School

I've been watching The Amazing Race on Game Show Network. They're rerunning all the seasons, one per night, until the season premiere. I've also been reading the recaps on TWOP. There was one episode (I can't remember which season) where some racers were upset with some of the other racers because they weren't sharing info or 'being fair.' The recapper comments that it is the Amazing Race not Amazing Montessori School.

Anyway that just makes me laugh because I think I kind of want to live my life in the Amazing Montessori School style. Why can't we all just share? I think it represents some of my worse dirty hippie tendencies. Michelle & I were discussing them today while talking about me getting to pick one of the new peevers. I'm a wee bit stressed about it because I don't want anyone to feel bad if I don't pick them. And I made the comment that we should just be like Montessori school and all share. She then replied with "Are you fucking kidding me?" Michelle is not so much on the Montessori method. (Yes I realize I'm totally simplifying the Montessori methods and theories and that there's a ton more to it.) Sometimes I'm amazed Michelle & I are friends at all. :)


Kate the Peon said...

I really thought I had PM pegged a while back, but she has surprised me more than once.

Although her comment to you doesn't surprise me at all. :)

Peeved Michelle said...

Incorrect. I am in love with the Montessori method for small children in preschool and early elementary years.

The Montessori Peevery? Not so much.

Mishka said...

You know, I have a couple of friends that I would never had expected...sometimes I think we just get by the differences and some other kind of connection is there. It is weird but I am grateful for it.

gonebabygone said...

Self proclaimed dirty hippie checking in. Qualifications also include parents who were slef proclaimed dirty hippies who named one out of two children after objects in nature.

I'm a fan of the montessori method in most things. I was friends with a guy from Thialand while away at college and he and his friends seemed to share everything. They would drop large sums of cash on each other and figure it would all even out in the end. It made for a very happy group. Everyone always had their needs and wants met by the group. it was cool.

Joanne said...

I would totally name my children after things in nature. (C'mon what's wrong with Skye?) My parents are the most un-dirtyhippies ever. They are Republicans. And old. My father can remember growing up with segregation in Alabama.

Putnawa said...

I could be down with the Amazing Montessori School, but the Montessori Peevery would quickly become a peeve itself.

Some friends we have because they are like us; others are the once who complement us, off-setting our strengths and weaknesses with their own.

On the other hand, we're friends because you like to kick my ass in Phase 10, and I can't stop playing until I'm able to kick your ass.

Rachel said...

I love Phase 10! Is there an online version where I can kick both your asses?