Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How soon is now?

Crikey I'm tired. I have 21 more new faculty to meet with in the next 3 or so days. They're killing me. I had one guy show up right at 4:30. I met with him even though technically my office was supposed to be closing because I seriously need to get all these people done. However, the gods of karma were smiling upon me for this and I was rewarded (only minorly nothing too fabulous and exciting) for my sticking around. While the guy & I were talking WC walked by and popped in then went to his office. So then faculty member leaves and I think, hmm I'll stick around a tiny bit longer and return some calls etc. So at a few min after 6 WC comes back out of his office and stops in again. And we have a nice little chat for the next 30 minutes. So that was nice and continues my incredibly slow progress. Maybe by the time I'm 60 I'll have a date with him? :P


gonebabygone said...

Don't wait too long! You'll kick yourself if he slips away.

Putnawa said...

Sixty? That's optimistic.