Friday, September 02, 2005

I forgot

I had a whole post formulating in my head as I was on the bus coming back from the chiropractor's office and then the walk home, but much of it seems to have fled my pretty little head. :) I'll just make it up as I go along. Although who am I kidding, that's what I usually do. :)

Chiropractor -
I'm still going. I THINK she helped me with my back. It got better. Did it get better as a result of her manipulation or as a result of time, hard to say. She pointed out that I walk on the outside of my feet and that may be contributing to why my heel won't heal. So she did a massage thing and recommended exercises to encourage my muscles to want to adjust the way I walk. I've been doing them and discovering that it kills both my legs and back because they're used to walking the 'wrong' way. I told her that today and she did some pushing adjusting thing that seems like it made my lower back and legs feel better. She moved around my hips. And mentioned 'enlongating' my muscles. She commented on the tightness of my right calf. It is always tight and lately we've added leg cramps into the mix. I've woken up twice this week with these massive leg cramps, unable to move my leg. I need her to tell me what she should do, though. I'm not into this whole holistic thing. I say I have pain here, she says ok let's do this. Not, what do you think I should do? I pay you to know this crap. :) I'm going again next week. We'll see if I keep going.

Greek food
Yum! I had Greek food for dinner. I didn't realize no one else I knew was as huge a fan of Greek as I was. It was just Greek take-out, but it made me happy.

Cute boy
A cute boy smiled at me as I was on my way home. And then he said hi. Ok so it wasn't earth shattering. There was no hand holding. It was a casual smile and hello, but it made my evening.

Work crush
WC waved at me today. Across the food getting area in the caf. (this first part is important in my neurotic world because HE initiated the greeting, not me...) Then I was in line waiting on food, and he stood with me and we chatted while he too waited for his food. A very small portion of it was witty repartee, the rest of it was awkward small talk*. But we expressed a mutual love of bacon. And a desire to eat weird foods when we were children. Yeah, I've broken through 1 wall but now we have the harder normal conversation wall.

*Ok I'm a girl and one who thinks too much so what I translate to awkward small talk may not in fact be awkward small talk but we did discuss getting salmonella poisoning from undercooked caf chicken which is how it segued into weird things we ate as children. I also need to work on responding to the things said and not having the conversation pieces in my head so that I sometimes say disjointed things because I'm mapping out the convo and it isn't going where I mapped it to go. Darn that. :)

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Putnawa said...

I like it when cute boys say hello, too. We don't have to hold hands for it to be a good thing. :P

Have you told your doctor you don't want her to ask you what she should do?