Friday, September 09, 2005

Irma & her daddy

On my way home from the doctor today, I came across Irma and her daddy out for a walk. Irma is a little bit pudgy and I know they've been working hard to get her weight down, so when I saw them today I complimented her pop on the fact that Irma is looking slimmer and trimmer. Irma just stood looking tense, yet a little smug. A few weeks ago (months?) I ran into them and another woman came up while the dad and I were talking and commented that Irma was too fat and he really should make her lose weight. When the nosy old bitty left, Irma's dad commented that he felt really badly when people say that to him. He's trying very hard and he knows she's overweight. He pointed out that they've been working and she's down 4 whole ounces. Of course since Irma is the tiniest little chocolate chihuahua 4 ounces is a big deal. Irma's daddy is this nice older guy who chats with me when he gets a chance. We started talking when I would be out walking Minka & Baxter. He has an incredible memory for stuff, and remembered that one had passed away (I hadn't seen him since Bax died). I kind of dig him. Today he was with his girlfriend, a nice older Asian lady. She paid me two of the nicest compliments that I've ever gotten. First she said that I don't look 30 (I know, I'm 31, shut up!). Then when we were talking about the adoption of Tess & Rigby she said that I must look so young because I have such a good heart. That was sweet.

(The pic is not Irma, but damn looks just like her freakin' cute.)


gonebabygone said...

awwwww! she's sooooo cute!

Sorry, girly moment.

Poor guy. I have a Maine coon and people are always saying she's too fat. She's a Maine Coon for god's sakes! She's supposed to wieght 20 lbs. I also point out to them that I rescued her from a lab and her previous life allows her to be queen kitty and eat whatever she wants since she was force fed bleach for so long.

Kate the Peon said...

Wait - Fishy has a raccoon?

I didn't know you walk ferrets.

gonebabygone said...

It's a breed of cat. They are said to have originated in Maine and have long, thick, waterproof coats. Female Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 lbs. Male Maine Coons have gotten up to 40. They like water and were used on ships to help with rats and mice.

In other words, they are huuuuuge balls of fur with attitude.

Putnawa said...

Aww, those were nice compliments!

You do have a good heart; but you're still difficult. :P

Kate the Peon said...

Snort. Fishy has yet to learn my dry wit.

Snicker snicker snicker.

Joanne said...

Matthew! I am not difficult!

And KTP yes I used to walk the other 2 on leashes up at the park. They both loved to dig in the dirt. Eventually Minka would get bored with it and I'd pick her up and she'd climb into my hood and rest the rest of our trip. The two new ones, not so fond so far of the outdoors. But we were at the apartment which has a busy road and not up at the park so that may be a part of the problem. Tess HATED the outdoors. Rig was vaguely intrigued. (And yes, they each have a little H harness and leash. and look totally cute wearing it)

Mishka said...

I have a maine coon as well and all that fur makes her look bigger than she really is. They are cool cats...if not a bit on the fluffy side.

The Everglades said...

One would think having a good heart would make one worry more, thus giving them more worry-induced wrinkles and gray hairs. Alas, the nice asian lady has proven this argument wrong.

And by the way, 60 is the new 40, meaning 31 is SUPER young.

Blake, born in 1981