Monday, September 12, 2005

Oh the burn!

I've been craving beef stew lately. It is all I can focus on... beef stew... beef stew... beef stew... But I haven't wanted to make it because it is a 'winter' food. But today I decided to make it for dinner. I followed my happy little recipe (kinda, I tend to delete any of the ingredients I don't like or want to use). I just went in to check in on it... it's been cooking for about 45 minutes... to discover. Dum dum dum. It is burning to the bottom of the pan. But somehow, I think thanks to the rice flour, the meat isn't actually burned. There was this burnt layer attached to the bottom of the pan, that when I threw in more water and scraped it off the bottom actually floated to the top and I managed to get it out of the pan. So I'm hoping the stew is salvaged. It smells yummy. I LOVE the smell.

Edit: I need to learn not to fear the salt when cooking. I almost always eliminate it from my recipes and in some cases it kind of needs the salt. Like I can put it in later when eating, but I think it needs to cook into it.

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Putnawa said...

I rarely use salt while cooking or to flavor cooked food, but I think it is better to cook with the salt that add it on the table. It draws out the juices from stuff, ya know? :P