Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A comedy of errors

Criminy, I couldn't get out of the house this morning.
  • While in the shower, Rigby fell in. I left her there for a little while until she started jumping around like a crazed squirrel. Then I had to rescue her. My apartment building is OLD and the bathroom door doesn't shut so well. If I were to shut it hard enough to lock it, there is a chance (and it's happened before) I could get stuck in there, so it doesn't get shut tightly and hence, Rig & Tess can push the door open.
  • While cutting my English muffin this morning, I happily cut open my index finger with the bread knife.
  • While racing to the bathroom to get a band-aid, I stumbled. Over Rigby, who has this uncanny ability to put her body exactly where I am about to put my foot down. I didn't fall, but she did get kicked. (Accidentally, people, accidentally)
  • My cheese was moldy.
  • As I was leaving, I remembered that I had a chiropractor appointment. My cute little skirt is not appropriate for chiropractor office, so I had to go back and get jeans to change into after work.
  • As I was trying to leave, I stepped wrong and found myself about to fall. I was trying to put my other foot down without falling, when who should be under other foot. Tess. I manage to find another place to put my foot, without falling.

If I didn't have 2 important meetings this morning I would've totally called in today. :)


Peeved Michelle said...

Gah! I hate mornings like that. I had issues, too, this morning. I didn't get in until 9:45. Oh, and about the door, why don't you try using a doorstop so that you don't have to shut it tight but they can't push the door open.

Putnawa said...

Do not write about cutting your finger! If you cause me (yes, I'm a big sissy-pants) to pass out at work I'm coming over there to kick your ass.