Monday, September 19, 2005

Engrossing new book

About a week and a half ago, I was out at the bar and my gay pothead bartending hubby suggested a book to read. He said it was amazing and he had never read anything like it and on and on recommending it. Now I'll admit, my first thought was the incredibly unkind 'you read?' But then he & I started talking about Wicked which is also a really good book and I realized he does and he likes to talk about books. Rock on. (And yes I misjudged him.) So I go to the library to check out the book he recommended. Weaveworld by Clive Barker. Sometime in my past I went through the typical love of horror books that most everyone goes through. I read Stephen King, and a couple by Clive Barker, but I didn't usually like his. Too graphic. I am also, in general, not a fan of science fantasy books. Usually because I need a lot of definition right at the beginning, when I read, I don't like a lot of ambiguity and science fantasy books tend to build their worlds and mythology slowly and let the reader experience as though she were experiencing the world for the first time. And I think I tend to gloss over the large paragraphs of description, which makes science fantasy difficult for me to read because the authors tend to put a lot of important information in those large descriptive passages.

But I digress, I went to the library a few days ago to find this book and searched the shelves. It wasn't there. I tried the other shelves of 'we recommend' and all that, not there. I go to the librarian, and apparently I did more to find the book than she would've since she just went to the shelf where the book should have been and said, it isn't here. Well, duh, I had already figured that part out. So I put it on hold and picked it up on Sunday and started it on Sunday. Now I'm sucked in. I'm barely in the first few chapters but I just want to keep reading. I read much of Sunday evening and some again this morning. I brought it with me to work so I could read at lunch. I'm hooked. It is rich in description. I'm just enjoying every minute of it. And now I have to go tell gay, pothead, bartending husband that he was right. Dammit! :)

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Peeved Michelle said...

I read that in high school, I think. I can totally picture the cover and I believe that I recall liking it.