Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No catchy title I'm tired.

For a change of pace, I went out to drink with V and some of his buddies. We went to the usual bar. There is a new bartender there. You want to know who it is? You really want to know? It IS someone some of you may be familiar with. Those who love the Reality TV drum roll please... Danny the gay one from Real World New Orleans. He's actually really nice. He's also a realtor during the day so he may be the one who helps me find a condo if I decide to buy. He gave me his card and claimed to be knowledgable about the other side of Cap Hill and the Central District. He agreed with Michelle about this being a good time to buy one. :) And that 4 years would be a good time to sell. And he knows the lending company I'm thinking of and he says they're good. My job has a deal with them where they have some specials like waiving closing costs I think.

Anyway, we played darts with a straight guy that he knows. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but straight guys V knows tend to be 'curious' and I tend to be leery of that.

Now having had my required water and alleve to hypothetically ease my potential hangover, I'm off to bed.

(Mrs. Langdinham God! I don't watch West Wing but it happens to be on and in the TWOP recaps of Joan of Arcadia, they'd refer to Mrs.LangdinghamGod and now I see her on the show. Ok I might be sobering up from being on the drunker side of tipsy.)


Ricky Star said...

I think I should start watching West Wing. Cool Blog.

Peeved Michelle said...

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Putnawa said...

I so didn't understand that whole "Mrs. LandinghamGod" business.

I had a better night than you did. :P

Stephen said...

It's been three days. That hangover should be well and gone now... You should consider driving out by me and the boonies to start creating a new one tonight :)