Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Yay! I just got the info in the mail from the Seattle Thunderbirds. I have bought tickets in the past for their games so now I'm on their mailing list. I briefly thought of season tickets, but can't commit to that kind of cash up front. BUT I'm ever so excited hockey is about to start again. Hockey allows all my aggressions to get out in a 'safe environment.' I'm pretty much against violence, but when it is two testosterone filled 18 year olds beating each other senseless, it is kind of fun. I can channel all my frustrations at yelling at the ref and the other team and cheering. I love it! I definitely want to see an Everett game or 2, since they are our rivals. I think I want to see Moose Jaw, just because c'mon... Moose Jaw. That's a funny city name! I think that I want to see at least one against Portland too. Now to find someone to drag along with me. :)

Do you ever think of doing something destructive, but of course you don't? Like today I was walking home from work and I had my keys in my hand since the stupid pockets on these pants are useless, and I just kept thinking 'I could reach over and key this car in an instant.' Of course I don't because the Catholic guilt would kill me, but sometimes just the thought of the satisfying noise just makes me happy. I suppose that's another reason I need hockey. :)

September and October just kill me at work. Damn new faculty. I just keep repeating the exact same speil over and over and over to explain benefits until I feel like my head is going to explode. And every year (so far) we get promised things will be better and every year they aren't. I have 7 days to meet with 20 something more faculty, get their benefit elections and get them entered into the payroll system. I don't think it is going to happen. Especially when contract lady hadn't entered their payroll records yet so I can't enter their benefits deductions. Sigh.

Tonight I decided I wanted Fried Chicken, but I didn't want it fried so I baked it. Last time I soaked the chicken in milk then coated it with the coating and tossed it in the oven. Unfortunately this left a lot of dry coating that was like I took a spoonful of the stuff and just put it in my mouth. I hit upon a great idea though. I mixed the milk and the coating in a little bowl and then coated the chicken. I'm hoping this works well. :D

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gonebabygone said...

See, this was the only dwonfall to Seattle in my research. No hockey team but I'll do IHL or junior hockey no problem! Those games are cheaper anyway. I am crazy about hockey. Like enough that I have my own fantasy team. Yes, I know.