Sunday, September 04, 2005

Physics yay!

So I know I've been talking about this class for awhile now. But now it is actually starting to be real. Because I have my booklist. It's just one book, but it is by Steven Hawking. Am I going to be in over my head? Ah, we'll find out. The book is The Universe in a Nutshell. I have to see the one in the bookstore of my college to be sure it is the same as the one I can get from someone other than the bookstore of my college. :) I know I should support them, the college is my employer after all, but the Amazon list price is only 25 bucks, the bookstore - 32. Yay! I just read some of the review. The other reviews are also pretty good for it so it shouldn't be too difficult! Now I'm getting excited. (MP is this an interesting story? :P)
But Hawking has simplified the origin of the universe, the nature of space
and time, and what holds it all together to an unprecedented degree, inviting
nonscientists to share his obvious awe and love of the unseen forces that shape
it all. (Amazon's review)

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Mishka said...

I always go to my schools bookstore online to get the ISBN for the books we need and to see the prices, but I almost always end up buying my books from Amazon or BAMM for cheaper...I am paying for my education so every penny counts, and my school is already making tons off of me.