Friday, September 23, 2005

Treats for me!

Mmm... As I sit here, the smell of roast beef cooking is wafting in from my kitchen. I LOVE roast beef. I'm also drinking a nice tall bottle of, you guessed it, black cherry soda.

I finally emailed the lender again yesterday since I hadn't heard anything about the loan process. I was emailed back today and he had a few questions. Namely, have I found a property and there was some concern on my debt to income ratio with the loan on top of what I already pay out to the blood suckers, Visa & Amex. I told him that I had no intention of actually using as much money as I was asking for, I just wanted to be sure I had some cushion. I have no desire to screw myself by doing this and not be able to pay my mortgage. Apparently, according to both my renters insurance and to the lender, I have excellent credit, so that's good. I've emailed the guy 3 times, though this afternoon. I just want to be sure he has all the info he needs. Some of the properties I've seen online are co-ops. I had to email him and ask them if the bank can finance co-ops. I also don't know if co-ops are difficult to sell, so that's a minor concern too.

I came home and judging from the poo in the tub, Rig fell in again. Frustrating since I had actually shut the bathroom door this morning before leaving. She apparently managed to get herself out, though since she wasn't in there when I got home. At least when she poos in the tub it is easy to clean up. Sigh.

I didn't talk to WC at all today.

Holy cow! How could I have forgotten the most important thing I was going to talk about?! My class. It was interesting, so far. I liked it. I was right in that it won't be terribly difficult. The other thing I discovered that I didn't know... the cr/f designation when I signed up for the class means credit/fail. So I won't get a grade for it anyway. BUT it still seems interesting. It is a non-math approach to learning about physics. The only thing I feel a minor concern about is that the prof seemed vaguely unsettled by my presence, at least I hope she was unsettled by my presence and not usually like this when she's teaching. She stared at me a lot. When we went around giving our names, she said that she thought she recognized me. She also moved around a lot until she ended up just behind me so that I would've been uncomfortable turning around. Oh I also have no tests and no final. I just have to write papers. Our final essay, only 1,000 words. I could probably do that in my sleep. Yay physics!

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Poppy Cede said...

Mmmm, roast beast... My grandmother used to make a Sunday dinner of roast beef, fan-freakout-tastic. Also, my step-mom's sister-in-law makes a mean Christmas roast. The gravy is to die for!!