Sunday, September 25, 2005

Estoy cansada!

I've been home for about 15 minutes. Long enough to grab a grape soda from the fridge and start icing my foot. I had such a good time volunteering tonight at the Fremont Oktoberfest. I always enjoy it though, pouring beer for the masses. I think if it were my job, I wouldn't like it so much, but it is so fun to play and flirt and just have a good time. I swear, pouring beer for these events is good for my esteem. I' m sure that the boys are just hoping they'll get some extra beer in the little cup, but I already fill it to the top so it isn't like there's anymore for them to have. (Completely random, who knew Daria was on at 1:00 AM on Noggin? I've always loved Daria!) Anyway, I get flirted with and winked at and that's just all sorts of fun, cuz some of them are hot. :) I got to turn someone away because they were too drunk. Seriously if I'm able to tell you are drunk, you are significantly drunk. She had to be held up by her friends, they tried to give me a token and her mug and I just said Oh no. Luckily they didn't create a scene. When we first got there, we had to turn away a guy too. His eyes were barely open and he was kind of swaying. I think I prefer to volunteer during the afternoon. At the Spring Brewfest, during the afternoon shift there were beer connoisseurs. You could tell they were just in it for good beer. Tonight, it was much more about the just drinking to drink. I had a lot of people say that they didn't care which one they got. (I was pouring an IPA and an ale.) It made me want to spit in the beer or pour them a weird combination of the 2.

Oh, I also got my yummy Baja Fresh tacos! Yay for Baja Fresh! I caught the bus home. As I expected, it was full of people from Oktoberfest. The whole bus reeked of alcohol. There were 2 young men on the bus in one of the sideways seats. One was barely able to hold himself up, he was so drunk. So as we're riding along in the bus, the one barely able to hold himself up, hurled. Now I AM one of those who if I hear it or see it, I tend to want to throw up too. The way MP is about sharp implements, I am about vomiting. Luckily I had my headphones on so I couldn't hear the noise and I averted my eyes the second I saw him start. He and his friends got off at the next stop. At that point there were only 4 of us left on the bus. Two stops later we all got off and I switched busses to the one that runs just past my apartment. I feel bad for the bus driver who has to deal with that, though. That's just yucky.


Putnawa said...

That is yucky. :(

Did you see the missed connection on Craigslist? I think it was for you!

Joanne said...

I didn't see any missed connections on Craigslist that could be for me you dork. :)