Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rigby's bad day part 2

Well, Rigby is obviously not so smart. I came home at about 6:00 (Not working late this afternoon, I had to stop at the grocery store and went and got teriyaki) I put away the groceries in the kitchen and headed into the bathroom to drop off the toilet paper. And what did I see... Rigby stuck in the tub. I'm going to have to remember to pull the door shut. Currently sometimes I forget. Unfortunately I can't move the trash can because bathroom is so tiny that's about the only place it fits. Poor dumb Rigby. Of course I'm a little bit pissy since she was giving me kisses on my cheek and decided to bite it, so I may be a tiny bit inclined to let her sleep with the fishes. :)


gonebabygone said...

heh...are you going to make tiny cement shoes for her? That wold be funny, disturbing and cute all at the same time.

Welcome to my twisted sense of humor.

Mishka said...

I thought we were passed the biting stage????