Friday, October 29, 2004

Damn IRS

Holy random money batman! I knew I would have more tax taken out, but $1,100??!! Normally I pay about $300 in taxes. I could almost cry. I know I'll get it back in the spring as a refund, but it was QUITE the shock. I asked my payroll person and apparently I was bumped into the next tax bracket. Damn. Oh I get it now. Hypothetically twice my salary (is what the computer thinks) would put me into this great much higher bracket than I normally reside in. Sucks. Amex and Mastercard got much less than initially earmarked. I'll have to make it up in the spring when I get big tax refund. Luckily only 1 W-2 this year so hopefully I can file early.


Peeved Michelle said...

Two W-2s again for me this year. Will I ever have a year with only one W-2? At least I didn't have any freelance work this year (well, I might have something coming up before the end of the year...) so no I-9s or whatever they are called.

Ian said...

Aren't they called "Dubbya-2" now?