Monday, October 04, 2004


I have the munchies today like the 3 hippie potheads that live across the hall from me must have on a Saturday night. This morning while mindlessly working (Or not) I decided that I wanted to eat the corn chips in my lunch now instead of at noon. After I ate my lunch, was sad about the missing corn chips so I went downstairs and got cherry slices. Basically kind of gross red jelly candies coated in sugar. I love them. Just got back upstairs after spending FOREVER at the reception area and found the last of a bag of pretzels (GF of course) in the bottom of my desk. Just devoured those and still... I think actually I'm bored and don't want to work.

I've broken down and called the dr about my arm. I have an appointment tomorrow. Basically it doesn't like it when I do any of the following activities: lift, carry, push, pull, twist or bend it. So if I could just let it hang limply at my side it would love me forever. It also loved me yesterday when I wrapped it in a still warm from the dryer towel for like 40 min. That made it very happy. Damn right arm.

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