Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Drs & boys & dogs oh my!

Doctors: I don't know why I bother going to the doctor, ever. I went. Apparently I have 'Golfer's elbow' and there's nothing that they can do actively for it I just have to take ibuprofin for like a week and let it heal on its own. I was already doing that. That was why I went in. It's been a week shouldn't there be some improvement? Apparently not necessarily. Sigh. Not even fancy pain drugs. (Not that I can take them, I'm allergic to Vicodin) Oh also I should cut back on the mouse use at work (and probably at home since I'm pretty sure the touch pad is worse for me than the mouse).

Dogs: I was sitting in my apartment this evening and heard a big dog barking. I'm hoping that it is my weird neighbor who is active in animal rescue. Maybe she is just taking care of one for a short time. Otherwise, the only alternative is that it is new apartment manager across the hall. This would not make me happy. I heard dog tags jangling outside and wanted to go to the peephole, but you know... I learned my lesson yesterday. :)

Completely random note based on me watching the Gilmore Girls... this Luke guy is HOT.

Boys: My former gym buddy and coworker emailed me today to tell me that former workcrush who got fired saw her at a party over the weekend and asked her how I was. He mentioned how nice I was. She said that I totally should've chased after him when I had the chance... to which I replied had I known I had a chance I would've. :D (And had I known he was about to be fired I might've moved faster...) I also saw tech cutie and had a nice little chat with him about of all mundane and inane things, the weather. (more specifically the cool fog we had this morning that he does not appreciate because he has to drive in it from the town he told me he lives in but I've already forgotten it) At this rate, I am seriously going to die alone with my 40 cats. (Which I will have managed to acquire because I will have lied to Michelle about how many cats have joined my life and I will name many of them the same name so she doesn't catch on).

I am really loving fall. It is nice and crisp outside and I love to crunch through the leaves, although it does make me a bit melancholy. Luckily, my coworker Ruth invited me to her house for Thanksgiving this year so I don't have to dwell on what I was doing last year.

So sleepy... is it wrong to go to bed at 9:00?


Peeved Michelle said...

Your gym buddy totally should have hooked you up when she ran into that guy! What kind of friend doesn't try to further your goals with your crush?

Oh, and I WILL find out about the cats.

Dr. Rob said...

For your elbow, get some rosemary oil (100%) take a teaspoonful of massage oil, or good thin cooking oil, like grapeseed, put three or four drops of rosemary in teaspoon, pour into palm of hand, let it warm for a few seconds, then massage it into said elbow or other areas with muscle pain.

I have a lesion on a disc in my back, it works wonders, promise.