Wednesday, October 20, 2004


But a good exhaustion (Although no not THAT kind of good exhaustion... :) )

We had our first Brownie meeting of the year tonight. We met at my university and that was a lot of fun but a little bit stressful. One of the kids pushed the emergency call box. The room we meet in has terrible acoustics. Everything echos so loudly. We went over the promise and the laws again. Then we discussed what we want to do for the year. They want to go to the circus, although I'm not feeling that field trip. I was thinking the zoo. There's an animal badge we could totally do. We then went outside and picked up leaves and did a leaf rubbing. That was fun. The kids were really into it once they figured out the trick to making it work. Some of them were pressing way too hard on the crayon. It will take me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of the meetings but it was definitely a good first meeting! I'm glad we're all back. Oh and I have a new girl. That too was cool. She is a 1st grader and I was hoping that we could just bridge my 2nd grader early next year, but I can't have everything. I really loved hearing from the moms how excited the girls were about Girl Scouts this year. And they totally want to go camping again next year. The service unit has asked me to be encampment director again. I don't think I'm going down THAT road again. I think we may just be campers. One of my brownies wants to go hiking again. I'm excited about that too. This year I would like to be better organized and do more field trips.

Argh, though. I was supposed to pick up my junior Girl Scout because her dad doesn't ahve a car (or maybe doesn't drive). I went out to Flexcar and crap. The key in the ignition will not turn. WILL NOT TURN... I keep trying and trying. Finally I give up and go in and call. They cancel my reservation and credit me 20 bucks for my trouble. They are always good like that, except this meant I didn't have time to go get my other Girl Scout. They offered me a cab to get to my destination or another car and I was like, you are missing the point... I'm just picking her up and coming back here. It is too late. I felt pretty bad about that. I called the dad after the meeting. This almost makes me feel worse, because he actually forgot that I called him YESTERDAY about the meeting. He is flakier than I am!

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