Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday Recap

1st... Happy birthday to my little sis wherever she is! (Ok I know where she is, El Salvador which is why my mother is in Fl torturing, I hope, my little sis's live in boyfriend. :})

2 - I banged my head on the freezer today. It stunned me so much I actually bawled like a 2 year old. That was kinda weird.

3 - One would think with all the Alleve I'm taking for my elbow it would a) help and b) ensure I didn't get a headache from the banging of the head. Not so much... I did try to find rosemary oil to try the recipe of readerrob but at the occult shop near my house they don't have Rosemary Oil and I don't actually know where else to try. Now I'm looking online for an apothecary that may carry it.

1 comment:

Peeved Michelle said...

1- What the heck is your sister doing in El Salavador? Also, could you ask her to bring me back a black market baby? I would like a girl.

2- Ouch!

3- Try a health food store or a vitamin store.