Thursday, October 14, 2004

I AM turning into my father...

Further proof I'm turning into one of my parents... I just wrote a letter to the editor. My father does it all the time. Kind of frightening actually. I think he does it because he is bored now that he's retired. Mine was because I was actually angry. (Ok he is angry too but when you are at home with nothing else to do you have more time to get angry about shit). A recent Glamour magazine article was comparing 2 women in various medical scenarios and how one is getting all this great treatment because she has health insurance and the other isn't, because she doesn't have health insurance. They covered 2 women with breast cancer, diabetes, depression and infertility (?). How is infertility on the same level as having breast cancer. Here's my letter (edited by Michelle who added in the last 2 sentences which I think tightened it up where I wanted to finish.):

I was dismayed by your recent article on medical insurance that compared the treatment of young women who had coverage vs. those who did not. I don't feel that fertility treatment can be lumped into the same catagory as depression, breast cancer and diabetes. Having children is a luxury, not a necessity. While I empathize with those who are unable to conceive (I have a condition that will render it difficult, if not impossible, for me to conceive when the time comes), my work in employee benefits tells me that the riders to add fertility treatments to an insurance plan are very costly. Who pays that cost? The company? Other employees in the form of higher copays, deductibles and employee contributions? While I feel for the family who had to pay out over $100,000 to conceive, their struggle is far different from that of the woman facing certain death because she cannot afford her cancer treatments or the diabetic woman who cannot afford her supplies and risks complications such as blindness. The struggle of the childless family is voluntary. They have any number of options to create a family that do not involve costly elective medical treatments. The women with life-threatening medical issues don’t have the luxury of choice.

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