Sunday, October 03, 2004

Domestic goddess?

In a fit of domesticity, I have spent today being very kitcheney. I did dishes and went to the grocery store. Now I have a loverly cake baking in the oven and in a little while I'll be making enchiladas. I also repotted my jade plant into a huge pot. Plenty of space for it to grow bigger.

This weekend I watched Man on Fire and American History X. I like American History X. I've watched it several times. It makes me so sad to watch it though. I always cry. And I have to turn the channel when the extremely yummy Edward Norton kills the black guy on the sidewalk because it makes my heart hurt. Man on Fire was pretty good, although I wasn't 100% fond of maybe the cinematography. It seemed to be slow and choppy. It wasn't a bad video store rental, but I don't know if I would've liked it had I spent movie theater bucks to see it. It isn't one I'll want to watch again and again. I did notice Saved is coming out this week. That may be one to watch over and over.

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