Friday, October 08, 2004


I am so excited I could cry. For several weeks my Brownie moms and I have been struggling with where to hold the meetings because the school has turned us down due to $$. Everywhere I've called has wanted a 20 or 25.00 PER MEETING charge. We pay 1.00 a week dues... where in the hell would we get 900.00 (For the school year) to pay for this?? I asked my big boss about the break room in our building. It is small, but big enough for 5 girls and their moms. It has a sink so if we are doing something crafty we have a sink and water. He said that we could use it and if anyone gives me flack like I have to rent a real room on campus the HR budget would pay. I could cry. This is why this is a great place to work... lack of $$ for me be damned. PLUS the campus has all these gardens and interesting trees so we can do some of our outdoor badges that we haven't been able to do because the school had no interesting trees or foliage.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Yay! No more homeless girl scouts, because that is just too sad.