Thursday, October 14, 2004

Gym mumblings... I can't win!

This morning after my workout I decided to try the fac/staff locker room. After my last trauma I didn't want to have to deal with that again. For those keeping score, it is the swim team who lets out of practice at the same time I finish my work out. I heard them talking this morning about swim teammy stuff. Anyway, so into the fac/staff locker room I go. Turn on the water for the shower... can we say SCALDING! I could barely get under it. I showered like you do when you're a little kid... (or a weird environmentalist who makes their own hemp skirts and grows their own vegetables which they blend into healthful smoothies... only after the veggie naturally falls off the tree as not to uproot the poor thing). Anyway, I jumped in got wet, jumped back out did the washing thing and jumped back in and rinsed as quickly as I could. As I was getting dressed again, 2 more staff members came in. Both lesbians. Now the lesbian thing shouldn't bother me, and I don't think it does, but maybe it does a tiny bit... you know? I read an article where a woman and her gay boy were discussing this very thing. Women don't want men in the locker room with us and she wasn't sure how she felt about lesbians in the locker room with her. He accused her of being homophobic. I asked V, my resident homophobia expert and he says that's not homophobic. And actually, now that I think about it... it is one specific lesbian of the 2 that bothers me... and she more bothers me on a work level because she's batshit crazy. The other one and I had a nice chat and it was no big deal. So the question is... 10 - 15 skinny little swimmer girls and poor self esteem vs. scalding water and crazy pain in my ass lesbian? Ahh the dilemmas.

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