Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Debates

Like every other blogger in the blogverse I'm going to comment on the debates, but only briefly. I was at work today and we were discussing the debates tonight and my coworkers said they were going to watch. I said I wasn't. I only have 2 choices. I know who I am going to vote for. These won't change my opinion. I can't vote for Bush because the war notwithstanding, I can't vote for a man who would try to limit my reproductive rights and who would actually propose and put through an amendment stating that marriage was between a woman and a man only. Jesus! There's a war on and over 1000 of our troops have died and who is fucking whom is a big deal to him? Hell, I'd vote for Mickey Mouse before George Bush. (Maybe that's not too big a statement since I do consider Mickey to be the son in my holy trinity) I started watching the debates anyway. Sometimes I think I should make an attmpt to be politically knowledgable, but I switched them off. As they kept going on about who said what about what I thought what is this high school? Tell me why YOU should be president, not why your opponent shouldn't be president. I do realize the debates allow the candidates to clarify certain points and to clear up any 'this is what I say but this is what I did incidents.' And I do realize that this allows the 'tough' questions to be asked and hypothetically not dodged as opposed to the sound bites and statements that get released to the press. But seriously, not going to change my mind.

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Peeved Michelle said...

A big load of crap! (The debates, not you.)