Sunday, March 20, 2005

4 brownies & a queen

Last night at a site sale, 4 of my girls met my college friend Dana. Dana is the queeniest queen that ever did queen. He works at the video store that we were selling cookies outside of. I didn't know that was his store. He knocked on the window and I went in to chat. As he left for the evening he bought a box. Now Dana (like most gay men) calls me sweetie and baby and the like. I do the same. As he was leaving, he blew me a kiss. Of course after Dana left I get the question from the little girls. "Is he your boyfriend?" No, I reply. "But he called you sweetie and blew you a kiss how come?" I can't explain to them about Dana. It isn't my place to educate them about the gays. So I just say he is a dear old friend, we've known each other for years and that's just how we talk. My littlest Brownie proclaimed the whole interaction gross because Dana's a boy and luckily that ended the discussion. :)


Putnawa said...

That's a funny story about Mick. Actually, every story about Mick is funny.


I only call you "sweetie" when I forget your name.

Peeved Michelle said...

Hey! What happened to my funny story about Mick? It disappeared.

Joanne said...

Michelle's comment about Mick that apparently disappeared... Good thing I get comments emailed and don't seem to ever delete those emails.

"When super-churchy Mick saw Dana in college he first thought Dana was a girl with manly muscles and was quite skeeved when he realized Dana was a gay man who liked to wear headbands in his long, pretty hair. "

Stephen said...

**blows a kiss**

Unfortunately, dearie, I have an fetish about shaving my head ;)