Friday, March 25, 2005


When I first got home and started this post I was a bit tipsey. I'm not sure how. I only had 5 of the little 8 oz beer cups of cider. Now that I've actually eaten dinner, though, I'm feeling much more sober. :( So it was going to be totally funny and now I'm not sure if I am. Isa and I went to Brewfest. It was so much fun. We ran into someone she knows from work and chatted with her. We had our little tastes and walked around. I managed to get a boy to come over and talk to me. Here's where I clearly never got past 5th grade when it comes to relating to the opposite sex... He came over to talk to us, but I couldn't look him in the eye to talk to him... I didn't want him to think I might LIKE him! :O So he wandered off... so I am a bad mixed signal giver. ALTHOUGH he was kind of a 'Monet.' (Sorry I was just watching Clueless) When I saw him part way across the space and checked him out and he checked me out he was kind of cute. When he came up and talked to us... more like an accountant. Like an American accountant from Buffalo... Although nice and normal and nice and normal is good right? I am dumb. :( I deserve to be single forever.

We would've stayed longer, but Isa had movie plans so we headed out at 7:30. As we were in the elevator at the mall coming out of the monorail, Isa and I were talking about loose women. We were talking LOUDLY about loose women and I am of the opinion that men like loose women. So there were these 2 younger guys who really looked fresh off the farm. So I asked them. They both looked a little frightened of me. And kind of chuckled. So maybe they don't like loose women, but really I've only known 1 boy who didn't like loose women... And he was a weird boy who thought Dana was a girl. We were talking about loose women because the coworker we ran into told us her husband didn't like this one friend because she was loose. Which prompted the discussion about how straight men love loose women.

I have 2 more posts to do... one of MP & I going to the arboretum and 1 about Disneyland which I haven't done yet for some reason.

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Peeved Michelle said...

The boy who did not like loose women sure jumped into bed with me pretty quickly on the night of my 21st birthday, though he chickened out of actually doing anything.

Obviously, you should have had more to drink. If you were drunker, you wouldn't have been so shy with that guy.

And those boys fresh off the farm? They thought you were going to rob them.