Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dream a little dream...

Ok before I tell y'all about the latest weirdass dream I had, I must mention 3 things. 1 - I have never watched an entire episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. 2 - I have watched the TV show Charmed. 3 - I do watch a lot of either TNT or TBS which reruns all of these shows a lot and advertises them heavily which is how I know who Cordelia is.

So in my latest dream Michelle and I are shopping. We are looking for another suitcase for me because I bought too much. She shows me a rolly backpack (which we have both mocked in the past) telling me how beneficial it would be. I remind her we have both mocked it. Then Michelle and rolly backpack store is gone and I'm with my sister and her daughter and we are shopping at an antique store. I pick up my niece on my shoulders, but it takes several tries to get her up there. So I am carrying her from room to room in this antique store when we get attacked by vampires. My sister has disappeared at this point. I think my niece was still on my shoulders. But if she was I couldn't feel her. I was trying to blow up the vampires like Piper from Charmed (I'm so embarrassed). Some of them are blowing up but some aren't. From within the shadows stakes are appearing and being thrown at vampires. In my mind I keep thinking that even though Buffy is gone, I have to protect the next vampire slayer. Sometimes I grab stakes and kill vampires. And they just keep coming as we travel from room to room. Finally it seems like all the vampires are gone and I see Cordelia. And I think she was bad and causing the vampires to attack. So the final scene before I wake up, Angel in a car with Cordelia and he was going to have to kill her.

Good god, I'm a freak. A freak who apparently watches too much TV.

Vampires: The vampires in your dream may suggest that you are feeling drained of your life energy and autonomy. In dreaming that you are fighting these vampires, is a literal depiction of your daily struggles with keeping things in order.

Being in a TV show: On a more general level, your dream may indicate that you are avoiding responsibility for a situation or refusing to acknowledge your role in it. Being in a television show where you are being told what to do and how to act, implies that you are taking a more passive stance and removing all culpability. You may also be attributing responsibility or blame to someone else.

Backpack: To see or carry a backpack in your dream, represents the decisions and responsibilities that are weighing your down.

Niece: To see your niece in your dream, signifies unexpected trials and useless worries of the future

Fighting: To dream that you participate in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.
To dream that you are fighting to the death, indicates that you are unwilling to acknowledge a waking conflict or your own inner turmoil. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

Protection: To dream that you are protecting someone, suggests that you are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you. Consider who or what you are protecting for clues as to what aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know.

Oh crikey. That's too depressing for words.

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Cindy-Lou said...

That sounds like the kind of dream I'd have. I'd like to be in a car with Angel though, I'd even let him kill me if he turned me into a vampire.