Saturday, March 12, 2005

Travelblog Day 1 (Thursday's)

I’m sitting here in the Seattle Airport, having gotten here the requisite 2 hours early. Breezed through security and found myself out at the N gate area. Who knew this gate was out here? I grabbed some dinner at Burger King – their grilled chicken salad. Their grilled chicken is gross. It was however, ‘hot meat in a bag.’ There’s something innately wrong with the phrase hot meat in a bag. Maybe it is because I hang out with the gays too much.

United is now offering a new scam of sorts. For 24 extra dollars I can move up to fancy coach (I’m sure it had another name, but hell if I can remember what it was) with 5 more inches of legroom. Does 5 inches really matter? That’s not even the length from my middle finger to my wrist. I can’t imagine that it does… although I’m sure there are some that would disagree with me.

My luck with catching public transportation continues and about 75% of the time when I’m catching a bus, I manage to get to the stop only a few minutes before the bus gets there to go. I was actually worried briefly that I was going to miss it in my mad dash down the hill.

I almost forgot the funniest thing that happened today. I headed into the payroll office to drop off some forms and our payroll manager tells me that biggest boss has a present for me and hands me a check. I’m confused and slightly weirded out. We go back and forth a couple of times about the purpose of said check. I have no idea why she is giving it to me and she keeps saying it is for my vacation. I open the check. $3,600! Holy shrit! That’s one heck of a gift. She thinks for a moment more then says that she had better take it back. She thinks it was maybe supposed to be a surprise. She tells me when biggest boss gives it back to me I have to act surprised. Hee. I do and got to deposit a large quantity of cash into my checking account. Yay for random money. Yeah, most of it will go to my dear friends American Express and Mastercard, but for a brief moment it is nice to have money. Is it guilt over not giving me the job money? Who cares, it's cash!


Ok the scam, totally should’ve gone for it. The person in front of me has her seat back. I think I may hate her. They are showing NBC on United and it sucks. I thought they were going to show something interesting. Not so much. Something leaked in my backpack so now the whole inside is wet. I don’t know why or how but I’m seriously peeved about that. I am so paying the extra on the way back. Also, it is a family of like 30 ahead of me… ok more like 10, but 6 of them are children. AND the woman with the leaned back seat, she’s sitting forward so this is pointless and annoying and inconsiderate.


It is official, I hate the family in front of me. The children are not well behaved on the palane. One of the little girls (2 rows ahead) keeps turning around to another little girl (1 row ahead) and shouting her name. Just over and over. Little girl does not respond so other little girl keeps shouting name. Toddler girl screamed and cried for daddy who finally changed seats causing seat in front of me to keep jarring into me. Seriously. I’m taking the bus next time.

8:35 – They’re singing. Kill me now.

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