Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm going to Dizzneeland!

I love that song. I have it on CD somewhere and it always makes me laugh. Anyway, I promised Disneyland Pics and here they are! Yay for Disneyland and vacay!

Our day began here... at Guest Relations. This is where we picked up our free tickets and fast passes. PLUS because we had to wait, they gave us a line cutting coupon for a ride without fast passes. One thing I discovered was that a lot of rides that had been fast pass rides were no longer. That was weird.

This is the sign over the enterance. It is one of my favorite things there.

It is my main man. The entire basis of my religion. The father and the son of my holy trinity... They've also redone the castle for the 50th anniversary. Usually the castle is white. I like it better this way.

I always have to stop by the wishing well and make a wish when I'm in Disneyland. I have high hopes... someday... right?

Here we go! We were on the Thunder Mountain Railroad, heading up one of the hills before we just go crazy in a runaway mine car.

I may be out of line sharing this secret... but who knew Small World was one of Peeved Michelle's favorite rides?

This is the boardwalk at California Adventure. We wanted to go on the roller coaster that you can see in the background. In the big circle, is a loop. Unfortunately, as we got to the head of the line, the coaster broke down.

The roller coaster was stuck. People had to walk off. That would be awful!

The Tower of Terror is new there. Basically it is a free-fall type ride. I loved it!

At the end of the day, we were exhausted. We stopped into the Grand Californian and had a drink. I had a chocolate cake martini and Michelle had a Cosmo. Very yummy. We were very startled to discover that rooms in the Grand Californian run from 250 - 3,000 per night. We also had dinner there. It was a nice end to a fun day!


Putnawa said...

Yeah, you probably shouldn't've shared that about PM. :P

Mishka said...

I'm jealous, haven't been to Disneyland in at least 4 years. I guess while I am enjoying my East Coast adventure I should put Disneyworld on the list....just to do it, and see some of the things that the "land" doesn't have....I think I might even have friends that live near it....whoooeeee!!!!!

Peeved Michelle said...

Now that the secret it out, I feel that a burden has been lifted. Also, you can see my boobs right behind my cosmo. They read "bad monkey."

Kate the Peon said...

Glad you had a good time. That's what bdays should be about.

And a chocolate cake martini? How divine was that?