Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cell Phone

God damnit! I may be forced to acquire a pre-paid cell phone for these instances when I have flexcar drama. So I go to get the flexcar to pick up girl scout and... dun dun dun. There is no car there. Now I have to walk back to office and make the call. This takes up valuable time. I think I am not picking up Girl Scout tonight which makes me a little sad, but now I don't have time. If I had a cell phone, I could've been standing at spot and waiting and glaring and calling. Blargh. So now it COULD be back at spot and I don't know it because I'm in my office on hold. Damn Flexcar. I love them, but sometimes they just piss me off.


Peeved Michelle said...

Do it. Do it.

Mishka said...

Avoid the cell phone as long as you can....but if you have to do it, then prepaid is the way to go. I hate that the US is so caught up in the service agreement thing. You shouldn't have to sign a contract to use a cell phone.

In Asia, cell phones are much more advanced. You can get coverage in places that you can't find running water in and you don't have to mess with any kind of service agreements unless you really want to.

Chicken said...

I have a cell phone with only 60 minutes a month. I barely even use the 60 minutes. I don't feel the need to talk to people all of the time like some of my friends do. I really only use the phone for quick calls to my husband to stop by the store on the way home. I've never had to use it for an emergency but that is really the only reason I have it.