Sunday, March 06, 2005

He shoots! He Scores!

I just got home from another Hockey game. I love hockey! It was a great game. Somehow I tend to end up seeing the Thunderbirds play the Silvertips. And every time I've been the T-birds have won. The T-birds scored a goal in the second period. Then the Silvertips did, yet in a remarkable turn of events, the Silvertips got a penalty for 'Goalie Interference.' Apparently when the T-Birds goalie was working away around the goal, one of the Silvertips just knocked him over. It took them what felt like 10 minutes to decide how this would work out. Somehow we ended up in a heavily Silvertip seating area and when the goal was overturned they were all pissed off. It was awesome. Another penalty I had never heard of was 'Boarding.' According to the Silvertips Website...
Boarding: Violently checking an opponent into boards.

With tonight's win, the T-Birds have cinched their division championship. So that's pretty damn exciting.

Right now I'm baking banana nut muffins and tomorrow I'm volunteering for the Firefighter Stairclimb. It combines 2 of my favorite things... volunteering and firefighters. :) This is my 2nd year doing it.


Peeved Michelle said...

MMMMM... I loves me some firefighters.

Stephen said...

LOL, sweetie!

You sure you can handle their heat? ;)