Saturday, March 26, 2005

Restroom Rule of Thumb

No matter what people think... when the sign pointing to and label on the map says "Restroom." This should NOT translate into PORTA-POTTIES. Those are NOT restrooms. Those are "facilities." These especially should not translate to almost FULL Porta Potties.

Also, another reason to dislike Matty... After we sat outside the Japanese Gardens and played cards and ate lunch, I realized before we headed back I had to pee. I had to pee NOW. So we go back into the Japanese Gardens to use their "restrooms." I enter the 1st porta pottie and discover it is almost full and I can't cope. So I go into the handicapped one.... more room to move about in if nothing else. And no gross urinal with a white urinal cake just perched in it. So I use it even though it is almost full. No sink to wash hands, but luckily there is a dispenser with hand sanitizer. We then go to head for home and we walk past where we ate lunch into this section of the park next door. What to my wonderous eyes should appear a FUCKING BATHROOM! AND Matty KNEW it was there! AND HE DIDN'T TELL ME! I went in to wash my hands and discovered it was barely a step above porta pottie... but they did FLUSH... and there was no soap and cold water so I gave up on the hand washing.

There'll be more on Japanese garden trip, sunburn and whether or not I'm a girl maybe tomorrow. I have to pull the pictures off the camera and I'm feeling a bit tired.

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Peeved Michelle said...

I read Matt's latest post. He confirms that you are, in fact, a girl.