Tuesday, March 22, 2005

News and news...

Well, new workcrush has a girlfriend. He's now been knocked off workcrush status. Although when I walked up to him outside today he said that I smelled fantastic and then something else nice. But then we were talking about Group Health and he said he was just there with his girlfriend. Sigh. :) Back to stalking old workcrush. :)

In more exciting and better news... WE GOT RID OF THE COOKIES! Cookie drama is OVER! Yesterday after work, I rushed over to pick up whatever boxes we had leftover from the cookie mom to try to turn in, figuring that we wouldn't get credit for them but hoping. I turned them in and the cookie manager said that she was hoping the council cookie manager would just accept them back otherwise we would have to wait and see if anyone needed them for gift of caring. I don't know what happened, but my cookie mom checked and the 80 boxes I turned in last night are off our report so we are no longer responsible for them. We owe about 600 more dollars, but one mom owes 500, one owes 200 and one owes 150ish, I owe 36. We'll get our portion of the cookie money after all. I am so relieved. The girls will get their slumber party. The girls will get their vests for bridging and it doesn't have to come out of my pocket the way it did last year. Phew. Apparently now I need to start going back to church. I wished/prayed whatever twice and both came true. Dammit. :)

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Stephen said...

Church - that place you go when no other place will accept you, and you can't accept yourself...

Oh wait, that wasn't the point of your post? :)

Forget his girlfriend. For all you know, they've been steadily drifting apart for months while he secretly pines away for your fragrant beauty.

Of course, he could be oblivious except when you wear his girlfriend's perfume or conditioner.