Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend...

Who looks like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year....

Matty P & I have almost given up the quest to find a straight bar with darts. Neither of us are drinking these days. So we ended up at Vivace again to play cards and Othello and Backgammon. Apparently I can win one out of every 3 games played. Except at Othello. Where I can win zero out of 3 games played. Apparently I win so rarely that I am an obnoxious winner also. I had 2 cups of their amazing spiced apple cider. This time with ginger as well. It was incredibly yummy. While we were playing our games, there was a group behind us at a table playing Go. The young woman was just learning how to play. Apparently she disagreed with the way the game was being played and accused her companion Shane of making up his own rules. "These are the rules of Shane not the rules of Go!" She just kept going on and on about it. I seriously was hoping that if I had mad skillz I could turn around and whip the playing card just right to sever her jugular. We played until 10:15 when Matty's hunger could no longer be contained so we headed to QFC. Normal people know the rules, you don't shop when you're hungry. These are not normal times, though, and Matt ended up buying very random things. Actually I say that as though I didn't buy random things... butter, soda pop and corn chips. And magazines. I lurve magazines.

As a Pisces and a middle child, I am the poster child for passivity and people pleasing. That seems to make Matty a little frustrated with me periodically. Of course, according to both Matty & my father I'm also contrary and hard headed so... I may have been going somewhere with this, but I've forgotten where.

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Putnawa said...

I totally bought random crap. And it wasn't even satisfying to eat.


Yes, your contrariness and people-pleasing matched with my own quirky personality traits (leave it) means we can circle around in a passive-aggressive snark-fest for all eternity. I say we fight a death match to figure it out. Rules of Shane, of course.