Saturday, March 19, 2005

I admit it

Hello, my name is Joanne and I'm a morning person. For years I've tried not to be. I've tried sleeping late. I've tried to lie in bed for hours. It just doesn't work. I knew I hit rock bottom when even on vacation I was up before 7 every day. But now I can admit it and just get up at the wee hours of the morning and accept that this his who I am. :)

To that end, I was up this morning wanting to do laundry but as I was lying in bed it hit me... I had no laundry detergent. Dammit. So I get up, haul my ass to the grocery store all around 7 AM. I kind of like the city in the early morning. There aren't a lot of people about. The air smelled fresh and clean. There was a hint in the air that reminded me of camp. I get my shopping done and am in line when I notice the woman in front of me is buying 1 item. A 40. Who in the hell buys a 40 at 7 in the morning? This woman. There's a gentleman behind me talking, presumably to me. I turn around and discover a couple of things... a - he's a crazy. b- he's not only buying a 4o he is buying 2 40s. (Please tell me I'm using the right word for the exceedingly large cans of beer people buy). He's also talking about the beast and how even though he was in prison he isn't a beast. The beast is the Green River Killer. He saw the beast and stared him down. The beast isn't with little girls anymore, he's facing real men. And on and on and on. Matty P claims the crazies talk to me because I'm 'open and accomodating.' I need to work on that. Not being that. In college, the crazies always talked to Kate. It was a good deal for me... they left me alone. :) Luckily the crazy didn't follow me out of the store or anything like that and I made it home safely.


Putnawa said...

Yes, I'm up at the crack of dawn today. It's because secretly I am also a morning person. (Which is why having a night job kinda sucks.)

You are correct, the beers people buy at 7am are forties. Neat.

I'm sorry the crazies talk to you. They talk to me, too, but I'm getting better at shutting them down. It's a blessing to being open, but not when you're on your own in crazy town. And our grocery store at 7am is definitely crazy town.

Stephen said...

It's not a 40.

It's "juus"...

You're not really a morning person. Everything that happens before 'noon' is really an elaborate and contradictory dream state.

Sleep... the only weapon against crazy.