Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I dislike boy scouts

More specifically I dislike adult men who were once Boy Scouts who upon hearing that I'm a Girl Scout leader feel compelled to regale me with tall tales about when they were in Boy Scouts.* I'm sorry random vendor in Pike Place Market,** I don't believe that when you were in Boy Scouts they sent you out into the forest with a match and an orange and told you to fend for yourself for 3 days. I suspect that was more just something your dad did to get rid of you. Obviously he failed. I'm sorry other person I was talking to about making bean bags for my Brownies recently. I am sure you are right and that there isn't a bean bag throwing badge in Boy Scouts, but Girl Scouts don't have one either. It is for our Girl Sports Badge, which I told you... and yeah, my girls are 7, 8 & 9. Not quite the age where we send them off into the forest with 1 match and an orange and have them fend for themselves. So yes, please, base your declaration about how much harder Boy Scouts is on that one discussion of one badge. That won't make me like you less at all.

*MP, I don't count your tale of Boy Scouts in here because yours was believable. And not really about how you managed to survive all McGuyver style.
**Random vendor overheard me talking to someone else about being a Girl Scout leader and interjected his own story. And then tried to bait me into an argument about red tape. Please... apparently we just want to make sure the GIRLS return from the woods. Screw the boys. (and not like that pervs! :) )

New boss starts on the 9th. I go on vacay the 10th. Yay. Vacay! I guess I can't be late to work anymore. :(

I've noticed that recently when I walk without back pack on, my lower back starts to ache a lot fairly quickly. Actually I noticed the pain and was starting to get a tiny bit worried, but then this morning, the first morning I've worn my backpack in like 5 days, no pain. Probably my backpack forces me to do something posture-wise that I don't do on my own.

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Peeved Michelle said...

I have to admit that I looked at this guy's security badge while I was in line for lunch today and caught myself thinking, "Raul is a nice name."