Friday, March 04, 2005


I apparently live in a bubble where things cost a certain amount in my mind and I'm completely confused when I figure out they are actually a bazillion dollars more than I thought. I would be referring to, grad school. At the college I work for, tuition for grad school is approximately $490 to $600 per credit hour depending on the school. Business school hits the $600 mark. Now I work for a fancy pants private school. So in my mind, public state schools should be cheaper... WAY cheaper, right? RIGHT?! No. Not so much. Not at least what I would consider way cheaper. For in-state tuition at my own other local university for the degree program I am intersted (which is arts so it would equate to the $490 here) it is $384/credit hour. A difference of $300 per class, but is that enough to me? I could swear when I was at UAF, graduate tuition was like $100 something per credit hour. And then I remember that was 10 years ago! Of course UAA lists their graduate tuition to be $222 per credit hour (resident 434 non). I don't need a fancy school. Just somewhere that will take me and not cause me to go $100k in debt. Apparently my slacker nature has cost me the possibility to work for competing university. The job post had been pulled by the time I went to look at it again I think it was the next day or day after.

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