Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sooo cold

I just got home from our most recent site sale (ok about an hour and a half ago) and that deep horrifying cold has just settled in. You know the cold... when you've been standing outside in the cold for hours. You feel warm initially when you get indoors, but then this deep feeling of cold settles in. It settles in deep in your bones and the only thing that will help you is a hot bath or cuddling under many blankets. I'm thinking a nap is in order actually. It has been a long day. We sold maybe 50 boxes tops today. Officially and technically, though, we are done selling cookies. Thank goodness!


Stephen said...

Were you near Gasworks today?

Joanne said...

Vaguely... briefly... yes. In the flexcar. I was driving down Pacific which turns into some other road which turns back into Pacific so kind of I was. At about 5:50ish.

Stephen said...

Naaa... that wasn't you sitting on the park bench.

Unless today's FlexCar was actually a bolted-down wooden bench. Not very flexible, are they?