Sunday, May 01, 2005

Camp Long

Is Great! I think my favorite thing about Seattle are all these little secluded parks and areas that totally make you forget you're in the city. (Ok technically Camp Long is in the suburbs, but you know what I mean.) As I was walking around, (all alone, I might add, MP flaked) it was just so amazing to me how quiet it was. The smells that surrounded me reminded me of different times and different places. The cabins are cute and there are several trails for us to explore. There's also a large field where I can run them around until they drop from tiredness. :) On to the photos!

As I got off the bus, this was the view from a park before Camp Long. I had to walk up a ginormous hill to actually get to Camp Long. I swear I'm never complaining again about the flatness of places like Indiana. I never thought I'd say this, but sometimes I miss it. ;)

Camp Long was originally a Boy Scout Camp. You drive down this little driveway to get there. I had a pic of a fence with razor wire around the top, but it didn't flash when it should've... so the pic didn't come out. But the razor wire is there I guess as a reminder that we really still are in the city.

This is one of the cute little cabins we will be staying in. I didn't get a pic of the inside, not wanting to interrupt anyone if they were actually there. My Brownie moms will be glad to see the windows and doors on the cabins. :)

This is a trail I headed out on. I wanted to see what the hiking was like. It wasn't a hard hike, but there's not a lot of variety in the foliage. Perhaps by June, different things will be growing, but one thing I did like, it was so quiet. I could only hear the birds (ok and the occassional plane).

Our intrepid explorer. Something about the picture makes it seem like I'm in front of one of those fake backdrops like you'd see at the mall. I think it is the lighting on the plants. Note the headphones around my neck... Edited... Ok so now the foliage is psychotic green, but I am no longer purple. :)

This cute little bridge is right by the cabins we will be staying in. I think we'll use it for our bridging ceremony.

How could I say that I was alone... Michelle came with me. She really enjoyed her hike in the tall grasses.

On the trail, was this stone... hmm what word... thing? I think it would be a waterfall if there if there was water.

There's a rock climbing wall at the camp. I think we have some pretty strict rules about using it, but I may do some research. I think the girls would enjoy it. Although what do I know about rock climbing...

But Michelle is a rock climbing expert! She enjoyed a nice climb to the top of the climbing wall.

I love these little daisies. He loves me... he loves me not... he loves me... he loves me not... :)

Before we left Michelley and I made sure to head to the restrooms. Flush toilets and showers. Luxury is good.


Mishka said...

PMs looking a bit flat...maybe some hiking will do her good, get some three dimensionalism added to her...looks like it was a beautiful day and I am sure the girls are going to love it. Just don't tell them any Sasquatch stories...

Peeved Michelle said...

It's my new diet. I've lost TONS of weight.

Stephen said...

Thanks for the reminder about Camp Long! I haven't been there in quite awhile, and I need a new park daytrip ;)

I'll provide pics to match yours *winkies*

I missed the sociopathic purple and all I got was psychotic green :(

Luuuv the lime shirt, though!

btw - you mentioned your headphones. Are you using those new ones that you embed directly inside your larynx? Looks like it! :)

More intrepid pics of purple people, please!