Friday, May 06, 2005

I'll take the big one!

Here's a tip, guys. The phrase 'I'll take the big one' is guarandamnteed to not make me want to be taken by you. Yes, the virgins I hung out with tonight are tiny. They're both Asian and short and little and we were walking down the street on our way to the car when someone shouted that at me. The virgins were walking arm in arm because they were cold and we were kind of in a hurry. I think the guys in the car thought they were together, although why they would think that... plenty of women walk like that. Boys are sometimes dumb.

We went to the show and it was so good! There were 2 bands on before workcrush's. Neither band was as good as his. He also sings! Who knew? And honestly, watching him play his drum made him like 10 times sexier than he normally is. Sigh. It was not crowded at the venue. I chickened out and didn't talk to him there either. But now, the next time I see him I can say that I saw him and the band and they were great and I didn't know he was going to be playing that night. I feel a little bad that we left before their set was done. But it was 12:40, I was starting to death cough because of the smoke and one of the girls had to head for home. She lives in Bellevue. For the record, blue jeans... boobie augmenting bra and black deep v-neck shirt. Hair all loose and properly mussed. Makeup applied. Dragonfly necklace from Michelle dangling and pointing right to very nice cleavage. ;)

And, Michelle, hmm... Hawaii in June? Damn that sounds excrutiatingly tempting. Let me think on it and consult with the bank account. I still have some left from the random extra money I got in March.


Putnawa said...


Too bad about the chickening out, though.

Mishka said...

I am still trying to understand the mentality behind people that feel that have to yell from cars at strangers.

Where I live now, there are hardly any sidewalks so when you have to walk somewhere you have to walk in the grass on the side of the very littered road. For no apparent reason people feel that they need to beep their horn...why is that?

It is not like I am in Thailand and they need to let me know they are behind me passing or because they think I might jump out in front of them, I am freaking 20 feet from the road....(why they can't put sidewalks in with all that space is beyond me). I find it very irritating and juvenile.

On another note, sounds like you looked great and had a lot of fun. Maybe he saw you even though you didn't get to talk and is thinking about you right now...

Peeved Michelle said...

Don't lie and say you didn't know he would be playing that night. You can just say you saw him play and if it comes up, it is perfectly ok to say that you knew his band would be there and you thought you would check them out. He is not going to immediately point at you and laugh and say, "Why? I would never go out with you! Stay away from me, you stalker!" I know that's what you think will happen, but it won't.

Putnawa said...

Michelle is absolutely correct. Do not lie unless it becomes absolutely unavoidable. Lies will always bite you on the ass.

That's why I don't like to lie.

Well, that, and I can never remember my own lies and end up contradicting myself.

Stephen said...

"I'll take the stalker..."

That's what he'll say ;)

The dragonfly necklace sounds beautiful! Glad it didn't get squashed in the canyon.