Sunday, May 29, 2005

J'ai mal du tete. :(

I'd like you to notice the time of this post and realize the significance of it. It is 1:40 in the morning! I have a bit of a headache. I spent 16 hours... HOURS at the Seattle Center today. I got there at 9:30 to check in for my volunteering shifts. And just left. I'll get to the reason why in a moment... :)

This morning's shift as a greeter was kind of fun. I like being chipper. :) Plenty of dirty hippies coming in. Plenty of normal families or people like my parents who aren't quite dirty hippies because they're Republican but they certainly have dirty hippy tendencies. (Please disregard any spelling errors. It's very late and I'm fairly tired but I want to get this all down before I go to bed. :) ) Most horrifying thing I saw... a woman in tight white outfit. TIGHT WHITE OUTFIT. The shirt was kind of cropped and a roll of flab poked out. The skirt also psychotically tight, showed off quite a bit of ass. It was cut weirdly but barely covered ass cheeks. That's not the worst part of the outfit... It gets worse. Written across tits in airbrush script of pink/purple/blue... Pussy Cat. Ok tacky as all hell... But then she turned around. Joanne's 2nd biggest pet peeve? Words on asses. Yup, across ass in same airbrush script of pink/purple/blue Pussy Cat. Sigh. So awful. The sign on our boxes says 5 dollar donation but a lot of people seemed to feel that they HAD to donate. I don't like that misinterpreted pressure. They also want us to ask people to donate but I ain't having that.

At 1:00 that shift was done and I went off in search of food. Nothing tempted me so I ended up in the Seattle Center eating normal food. Fair food just doesn't do it for me anymore. I tried Fair Food for dinner - somethign Kenyan - but I didn't like it so I ended up in the Center anyway.

My afternoon shift was spent making beaded bracelets and necklaces and rings with little kids. It was fun but kind of not a lot to do. And it was hot as hell out there! At least I was in the shade. I also wore my cute little blue tank top that is cut fairly low in front and denim capris. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your view of this hair style) my hair was in braids.

So now to why it is 1:30 and I'm just getting home. I went to see workcrush's band again. I did. I got done with my shift at 6:00 and poked around the festival until 9:00. Then I went up to the EMP's Liquid Lounge. I love the Liquid Lounge! There's no smoking in there and it is a fairly small and intimate setting. Somehow workcrush's band always plays last. The first band went on at 10:00, I almost gave up all workcrush fantasies in favor of bass player for this other band, YUM! (and totally my professed type as opposed to the type I usually end up dating - and the type workcrush is) Then I heard one woman introduce another to a 3rd woman as bass player's wife. So now we're back to workcrush. I think he saw me. I can't imagine how he didn't. I thought he saw me and I waved but he didn't wave or anything so maybe not. I dunno. But damn he is sexy when he is playing. Their lead singer is also fairly sexy. Unfortunately my liquid courage did not help me go up to him after the show to talk to him. In fact I slipped out fairly quickly. I was hoping to catch a bus, but I wasn't sure what the times were. Since I wasn't sure what time I would let out, I didn't write down all the possibilities figuring that the times would be posted on the bus stops. Apparently they stop listing times that happen after 10ish. :( Oh and the first band was great. The 2nd band sucked big time. They said this would be the last time they were playing together for awhile, thank goodness for that. And then workcrush's band ruled! :) Sigh. I need to find a nice Hawai'ian fling to take my mind off of workcrush.

Now I MUST go to bed. Two more volunteer days before Vacation. I can hardly wait!


Putnawa said...

I'm so glad you went to the show. If you really went to the show. That whole business with Alex burned me, and I'll never trust you again.

Damn the dirty hippies, they were all on the hill last night. The whole place still reeks of patchouli. Damn dirty hippies.

Speaking of which: Samantha.

Okay, that cracked me up. Anyway....

Joanne said...

You trust me! Why would I lie this time? You know, besides to not have you leaning on me about going... but I went. :) And next month I'll have the AMEX statement to prove it. :D (I've probably lost the receipt already)