Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My final thoughts on Star Wars....and other stuff...

And I swear I'm done bitching about it.

I am not a film snob. I freely admit I like crap movies. I love Gone in 60 Seconds (which I know Michelle finds appalling.). I loved both Charlie's Angels movies. I love Disney movies. I liked 50 First Dates. I even liked the first 2 movies of the prequels. I usually do not like art films and I totally wasn't expecting some great classic of cinema. I just wasn't expecting to walk out of that movie thinking that's the worst thing I've seen since Braveheart. And I HATED Braveheart. I would've walked out of that movie if I hadn't been living in Alaska at the time and my ride was still watching the movie... and that would've meant walking home since I think the busses stopped running after a certain hour of the night.

Other stuff unrelated:

Tonight was our 2nd to the last meeting before we go camping. We needed to do a schedule and figure out what we were doing for food etc. We also needed to practice our ceremony. Only 3 kids showed up. Sigh. We got a lot of planning done, though because with only 3 there's only easy agreement. Michelle had a great suggestion to make the yucky part of the meeting (planning) more palatable. We made s'mores in the office. We used the toaster oven. The kids loved it and it made them happy. Because we got done with everything so fast, we also got to try out our solar print paper. My coworker had suggested rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Here's what I learned the hard way (luckily we tried it on my solar print before we tried it on the girls' solar print.) rinse with water first THEN we could do the hydrogen peroxide. The kids thought they were cool so I'm excited to say we will do them camping. My next two weeks will be BUSY! But in a good way, then everything is done and I'll be able to relax. The only thing left for me to do would be to work on planning for the Paint Out for August.

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Stephen said...

You lil contrarian, you!

Doesn't sound like you have bad taste... just backwards taste ;)

That's ok.

I like Big Trouble in Little China :)