Saturday, May 14, 2005

Super Sweet 16

Holy crap. There's this show on MTV that I've heard about but never watched. There's nothing on on a Saturday morning, so I checked this show out. It is completely horrifying. It is girls and their families planning her sweet 16. Of course, this isn't your average, run of the mill sweet 16 party. Oh no. This is spoiled princess makes you want to vomit sweet 16 party. The episode I watched the girl went to Paris for the dress for her party. She wanted this dress that was cut to the belly button. Her mother vetoed the dress and she threw a big fit. She went to Santa Barbara against her mother's wishes and her mother cut off her credit card. She didn't get her car on her birthday so she threw a crying scene in the restaurant. All summed up, her parents spent over 200,000 on her birthday party and the new car. Including college, I don't think my parents have spent over 200,000 on my whole life! The grossest part... they kept saying that she deserved all this. She deserved it?! What in the hell did she do? She was just born into privilege. I changed the channel before the next episode started because it was too gross.

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Mishka said...

I hate crap like that, and it seems that MTV really likes to run that stuff. That is why I also don't watch "reality tv" with Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson. I guess Britney is planning on doing one as well and that will be another to avoid. Why would I was valuable hours in my life to watch complete rich, brats, act foolish?