Monday, May 16, 2005

Letter Carrier Food Drive

On Saturday I volunteered for the letter carrier food drive. This was my 3rd year doing it. I was down at the main post office with one other worker from Food Lifeline. Basically we took the food from the cars and postal trucks and put them into these huge totes. Each tote can hold 600 lbs. We filled 4, so using 3rd grade math that's 2400 lbs of food we lugged. My back is feeling it today. : But it'll get over it. I was thinking that this is my favorite thing to volunteer for. But really, it isn't. I don't think I have a favorite volunteer event that I do. I just keep doing them if I liked them. If I don't, well I've learned my lesson and don't volunteer for them again. For example, Seattle International Children's Festival, I did not like volunteering for them so I never went back. There really didn't seem to be a need for me there, they were disorganized about volunteers and it was just a waste of my time.

edited: Here's the link for the national association of letter carriers that has their info on the food drive. It is a nationwide thing, but I don't know if more rural areas don't participate or not.


Peeved Michelle said...

Darn! I forgot I was going to leave some food out.

Mishka said...

I wish they did that they? If so, nobody told me!!!