Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's wrong and I admit it...

But I'm so glad it is going to be all rainy and gross here in Seattle while I'm in Hawai'i. :) Although I actually like the rain and wouldn't necessarily mind it in place of oppressive heat (like yesterday).

Also I'm watching Control Freak on MTV2. This is kind of cool. I can go to MTV2 and vote for which of 3 videos they're offering up. So far every video I've wanted (and voted for) has been the one to watch. Apparently there are no R&B fans up at this hour of the morning... none of them have won.

Old Navy's commercials are innately wrong and annoying. I hate Superfreak to begin with, but to have it attached to a skirt commercial? Ew.

Crikey, I've got to shower so I can catch the bus!

1 comment:

Putnawa said...

It's a fact that R&B fans never get up before noon.