Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I learned from the best...

And that would be Michelle. FYI. Here's our schedule for vacay! VACAY! In case you want to be a stalker or something. :) And I put it together! With input of course. :)

Sunday - Michelle arrives and check into hotel. She goes to beach.
Monday - She's still there alone. She goes to beach.
Tuesday - Intrepid explorer arrives. They go to beach together.
Wednesday - Polynesian Cultural Center with Luau.
Thursday - (Wait for it...) Shark Encounter! (yay!) and then Pearl Harbor in the afternoon.
Friday - Hanamua Bay for snorkling and Lanikai beach for pristine white secluded Hawiian beach.
Saturday - Beach in the AM. Check out of hotel. Shopping in afternoon.
Saturday Night - Fly home. :(
Sunday - Collapse in a fit of excessive tiredness from busy yet totally fun vacation! And maybe do laundry.


Peeved Michelle said...

It brings a tear to my eye to see a detailed schedule like this. I'm so proud.

Putnawa said...

It is wonderful, and yet, I feel as though it is a whole new you. *sigh* I'm so proud.



Have fun!

Joanne said...

I WILL be in the shark cage! I will not stick my arm out. I AM so excited! I've always wanted to do it whenever I've watched the discovery channel. I've made reservations already and am now anxiously awaiting a response from the shark people to say yes! :)

Mishka said...

We did the Polynesian Cultural Center as well and it was great (just ignore the BYU push). While you are up that way, you can also snorkel near North Shore (because in June there are almost no waves), and there is more cool coral and such to see there.

We also snorkeled at Hanamua Bay, which is awesome as well (our first snorkeling experience). The fish are beautiful.

Oh, and we did Pearl Harbor as well and that was pretty awesome. The Missouri wasn't there yet when we went there so I would love to go again to see it as well. We also did a helicopter ride (I had never been in one) on a separate day, and we went over Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head and got some great video and pictures. You can totally see the entire outline of the Arizona from the air....