Sunday, May 15, 2005

Uh-oh spent all my vacay money. :)

Ok not really, but I did shop today. I have survived the traumatizing experience of buying a bathing suit, and trying on multiple bathing suits. Of course the trauma of wearing it in public has yet to come. I have succumbed to the tankini, I'm afraid to admit. I liked the versatility that I could get the little shorts and regular bathing suits don't come in that way. I did that thing where you move all sorts of ways to make sure nothing rides and my fear of it riding up every time I raised my arms and exposing tummy and it didn't move so, that's a good thing I guess. I also picked up 2 new shirts and 2 new pairs of cropped pants.

After shopping, I got back to town in time to meet up with MP for a movie. He wanted to see Eating Out at the Harvard Exit Theater. The first scene was shocking, and not really in a good way. The movie went along and was funny at parts. The female character, Gwen (Fruit Fly - I hate the other phrase), was too over the top, I thought, but she was funny in some parts. The gist of the story is gay man1 and straight man roommates meet gay man2 and straight woman at a party. Straight man wants straight woman but she only dates gay men. He pretends to be gay and goes on date with gay man2. Gay man1 lusts after gay man2. Gay man1 is jealous. They have a big dinner party with 'hilarious' results. And of course, it all works out in the end. Part way through, I started feeling really badly for gay man2. Yeah he was supposed to be this hot/asshole character, but he was being played by straight man. And really straight girl, wasn't that likeable. She had some serious issues... and I can't imagine why straight man wanted her. She was not hot, unless you're into the Calista Flockhart look. All in all, funny at parts, weird use of slang that made my head hurt. Matty was unhappy with the dialogue which now that I'm thinking about it further, I can understand. It was a bit forced. But it did make me laugh and sometimes that's all I need. :)

Before that movie started, we were 'treated' to a short film. I believe it was called Mating Call. It was bad. Horrifyingly awful. Worse... the people in the audience laughed. It was like a Saturday Night Live skit that wouldn't end. A woman screams, then you hear in the distance a returning scream. This goes back and forth as she looks for the screamer, periodically stopping to scream again. Seriously, this kind of crap is why in general I don't like independent films.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Just as there are good and bad studio films, there are good and bad independent films. You can't lump them all together.